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Field Training: Evolved.

Field Training. Evolved.

Parallux is a full service training sweet inspired by the traditional Paramedic Program, but with a twist. We wanted to provide an alternative to clunky pre-built software and allow a customized, user-friendly experience, driven by real data from the field. And to top it all off, a proven system of training students to think in same methodologies of their instructors.

The Word

"...An all-encompassing, proven,
affordable procedure tracking tool that will
work for all of your programs... "

"...Straight-forward and simple
but without sacrificing on capability. I would
recommend Parallux for any kind of
problem-based teaching environment... "

The Problem

Traditionally, students are evaluated by a field instructor with no real way to remove the subjectivity of the instructor. In this traditional system the student may be pushed into a sense of false confidence when they have not satistically proven themselves, this can lead to career and self-esteem issues when they are placed into a test environment or worse the real world - unprepared. On the other hand, students can even be driven to believe they "just don't get it" or are not ready, when really that is a subjective opinion.

The Solution


Parallux is a data driven project which eliminates subjectivity between instructor and student while silmultaneously tracking course objectives and requirements. We change the problem-solving dynamic by removing the opinionated subjective analysis of the student by the instructor. Using data from all students across the spectrum we provide a dynamic debrief model which gives the instructor immediate teaching points and areas of study for the student in real-time. Improving instructor-student communication and creating a concise and effective dialogue.



Touch friendly and designed for speed. Our user friendly interface reduces time on documentation, giving a studen more time to focus on the task at hand.


The focus should be on learning. WE make documentation easy and use a data-driven problem debrief module to create an adaptive and intelligent student-teacher discussion.


Day-to-day progress is tracked in real-time so each student and each administrator can observe progession through a fully customizable list of requirements.


Utilizing Parallel Evaluation Training©, students will learn how think like thier instructors. Teaching critical thinking and problem solving in real-time.


Our data-driven debrief system is intuitive and identifies thought process discrepencies between student & teacher allowing anyone to direct a student.


Schedule students based on live schedules by giving host agencies access to schedule and adjust open training times in real-time.

Our Mission

Our Mission is to improve the field training education system.

Bold statement right? Well, we think we have what it takes.

Parallux dynamically changes the way students and instructors interact in the field. We aim to standardize the process by which each Field Training Officer instructs and conveys information to students by utilizing reliable data collected right from the learning envirnment, at the point of contact.


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